Light blue collar boy


English F1b puppies. Reese and Mac's puppies are ready to go home July 13th! 

Over the years, we have spoken with so many people who want a Goldendoodle. The smart, loyal, energetic but obedient sweet disposition characteristics of the Golden Retriever, mixed with the intelligence, hypo-allergenic and non-shedding qualities of a poodle, to make the perfect pet for their family. What many people find, however, is that the Goldendoodles available to them are any variety of colors, due to the breeding of a Golden Retriever to any color or color combination Poodle. Many of the people we've spoken with want a RED GoldenDoodle. They want that red, wavy or curly teddy bear looking dog and we are on a mission to provide just that. 

Orange collar boy

   Red Royal Goldendoodles

Dark Blue collar boy

Red Royal Goldendoodles

Available puppies are shown below.

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Light Green Collar boy

Red collar girl

Dark Green collar boy