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 Puppies will be bred for health and disposition. Puppies will be well socialized so that they are ready to be a part of your family. The total price for a pet only puppy is $1950 and if transportation by air or auto is necessary, an additional fee will apply. Airlines are changing policies, which makes us flying a puppy via pet cargo very difficult. We will try to work with the families that have already placed a deposit and plan to use this service, but going forward we will need families to either fly here and bring their puppy back in the cabin with them, or plan on driving.  Deposit of $500 will hold your puppy as well as give you pick of the litter in order of deposit and gender of the puppy indicated by the order of deposit received and will take place during or before week 5/6. Breeder reserves the right to up to the first two spots on any litter. Deposits are non-refundable. If the litter selected is not viable or there is not a puppy available to your preferences, you can be moved to a future litter.  I can not guarantee colors. Genetically these are red dogs, but those light genes and undertones can come out dominant in some of the puppies.    


Welcome to our puppies page! 

Accepting a few more deposits for our Fall 2019 litters:

Ginger and Lincoln's F1 puppies are due on Sept 26th  

Amelia and Lincoln's F1 puppies are due Sept 28th 

Aurora and Lincoln's F3b puppies (same traits as F1b) are due October 5th

Coral and Mac's F1 puppies are due October 29th

21. Kat Gavrila red f1 male  

1. Jill and Brad Thomas ~ F1 female Ginger/Lincoln 

 4. Todd and Jennifer Hellmich 

13. Danielle Rancourt

  7. Alexa Valentine - Ginger/Lincoln

11. Chris Lopiccolo 


12. Cory Sodikoff 

  9. Sean and Allison Wingard fall '19-spring '20


   Red Royal Goldendoodles

17. Maggie Grady

16. Timothy Castillo



19. Chelsey Wilson 



18. Lynn Sandall 

  8. Eric and Laura Kaiser 

2. Landon Schott  

10. Kathy Gabel -large red female F1



  5. Aida Cristine Rawe - F1 male   



Deposits for future litters:         



20. Ricky Failla 

6. Sue Dobs

14. David and Sandy Gregory


22. Holly Schneider - Female  

3. Ihry Family


15. Aaron Archie