Frequently asked questions:

1. I do not breed Mini's. All of our puppies will be standard size. Depending on the parents used, puppies will range from 40-100 lbs. ‚Äč2. Puppies are $1950. Deposits are $500 that is applied to that total price. 

3. I can not guarantee gender, color or numbers in a litter. The cream gene is the same as the red gene, so some of our puppies will be a lighter apricot/cream shade. Others will be more red. Litters can range from 1-12+ puppies. Our average is 7-9 per litter, but we have had smaller and bigger litters. For this reason, it is impossible for me to predict exact timing for when people can bring home their puppy. If you are higher on the deposit list and open to gender and color, the timing will be faster, but some of our families want a very specific puppy, so they will wait until that puppy is available to them. Because of this, people lower on the list might bring a puppy home sooner. I offer puppies to families in order of deposit received, but because of different timing preferences or family dynamics, some families will pass on a litter and wait for a future one, which also allows for people lower on the list to get a puppy sooner. All of these factors hinge on how many puppies are born. Because most people want to place a deposit before the mommas are even pregnant, I get to a point where I just can't answer questions regarding timing for people inquiring about future litters.

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