Red Royal Goldendoodles

Lincoln is our AKC registered Standard Poodle. He comes from a very strong line of registered "red" Standard Poodles. He is measuring in the "Royal" category for Standard Poodle, as he is growing right up there in comparison to a Great Dane, currently 31 inches at shoulder height and 90 lbs. Lincoln is a very smart dog and is incredible with picking up on scents, displaying his hunting or service capabilities. He is a sweet cuddler and has taken over our hearts with his playful, loving nature. He's a charmer with so much personality!  

Lincoln is tested and cleared for genetic diseases as well as OFA hips and elbows.

Macintosh is a purebred, AKC registered Red Parti Standard Poodle. Red is his dominant color and the white are markings that will show as just splashes of white when bred to one of our solid color girls, but the full parti markings will come out when we breed him to another parti carrier in the future. 

Mac is smaller than Lincoln, at 45 lbs, but he still stands the same size as our golden retrievers. His weight is a lean weight and we think he's wonderful! 
Mac's temperament is so sweet! He loves to cuddle and play with his ball. 

​Macintosh is tested and cleared for genetic diseases as well as OFA hips and elbows. 

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