Amelia is a purebred, AKC registered golden retriever. She is a medium golden color and about 55 lbs. She has such a sweet, playful disposition and is always smiling. 
She is very obedient and eager to please. Her favorite past time is to watch what her people are doing and cuddle with every opportunity she gets. She loves to gather treasures. 
Amelia loves to play with the other dogs and is just an all around great addition to our family. 
Amelia is cleared on her genetic testing as well as OFA hips and elbows. 



Ginger is a younger half sister to our previous puppy momma, Delta. She is a purebred, AKC registered Golden Retriever  with excellent, champion bloodlines. Ginger is a gorgeous mahogany red color. Ginger is very smart and constantly amazes us with her inherent Retriever instincts. Ginger is about 55 lbs and the sweetest temperament. If she doesn't have someone to throw the ball for her, she'll drop it at the top of the hill to play a game of retrieve the ball on her own or with the other dogs. She also loves to climb up on our laps to soak in some snuggle time. 

​Ginger is tested and clear for genetic diseases as well as OFA hips and elbows. 

More updates coming soon! The pages are not complete, but I wanted to be able to at least publish pictures :) Thank you for your patience. 




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