Why a Red Royal Goldendoodle?

What is a Goldendoodle?

The F1 Goldendoodle is a "hybrid" dog, crossed between a purebred Golden Retriever and a Purebred Poodle. Depending on the size of the poodle and the golden retriever, Goldendoodles can be mini, medium or large. The color of the golden doodle can also vary greatly, depending on the color of both parents. Some golden retrievers are actually very light, or white, while others are golden, to a deeper mahogany red color. Poodles can be white, apricot, brown, black, red or any combination of those colors as well. 
After researching these dogs and hearing from so many people that the "reds" are rare and extremely hard to find, we decided to bring up the strongest line of red golden doodles that we could. Red standard poodles are rare, but we searched and found Lincoln and loved his strong red pedigree, so we brought him home. 

Breeders began to breed poodles to golden retrievers in the 1990's in order to develop a dog suitable for visually impaired individuals with allergies.  Golden doodles have been used as guide dogs, therapy dogs, as well search and rescue dogs because they have inherited the poodles intelligence and the golden retrievers ease of training. The golden doodle is human-oriented and will develop a strong bond with its owners and companions. The calm, easy-going , yet playful, fun-loving characteristics make this dog the perfect match for families and children. 

Expected from these litters will be the rare, highly sought after, "Royal" red goldendoodles. Lincoln, our stud poodle, is in a class larger, although not formally recognized as a size category by the AKC, he is a Royal Standard Poodle because he measures higher than 25 inches at the shoulders (31") and weighs more than 60 lbs. (85-90#) The rich color of our female golden retrievers will compliment the red in the poodle and we expect that these puppies will be "Big, red, teddy bear pups" perfect for cuddling and playing for years to come. Our estimate is that the puppies will be strong, solid red and anywhere from 65-80+ lbs at maturity, depending on female/male, etc. 


   Red Royal Goldendoodles


Vigorous, stable, mentally strong, non or low shedding, reduced or hypo-allergenic, loyal, intelligent, gentle, affectionate, desire to please, sunny disposition, easy to train, calm, easy going, active (playful) require exercise, incredible companion.